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Securing Your Home With a Burglar Alarm System

By: Stephen Reed

Not that many years ago, burglar alarms were found only in the homes of the wealthy. Prices have dropped a huge amount and these systems are now within the grasp of the average homeowner. Many people go for the do-it-yourself type. These can be hard wired or wireless systems, the alarm activating when someone attempts to gain access or when they trigger a movement sensor inside the property.

There are two types of burglar alarm systems- open and closed circuit. The open circuit ones activate, setting the alarm off when the circuit closes. The circuit is completed when a window or door is opened. A closed circuit system works in the opposite way. A door or window opening breaks the circuit causing the alarm to sound.

Motion sensors present a more advanced option. They sense any type of motion that occurs within a certain radius to the sensor. A signal is then sent to the control panel for analysis. If the movement is considered 'suspicious' it will react in the way the unit has been set, activating alarms and/or contacting the relevant authorities.

It's possible to adjust motion sensors so that they won't react if for example, a pet walks past or if another common movement occurs in your home which is not a burglary. Motion sensors are one of the best ways to keep your home safe from intruders. They will provide you with great piece of mind knowing that your home is protected.

It's generally considered good practice to have both motion sensors and magnetic switches as a part of your home security setup. The switches protect doors and windows, whilst the motion sensors are good at protecting larger rooms and hallways. Combing the two systems into one package is a good idea and provides a two pronged attack against intrusion.

Security cameras are another good choice. These will pick up images in the areas they are mounted, these then being displayed on a monitor (at a remote location). The files can be recorded to tape or disc and preserved.

Investing in a burglar alarm system is always a good investment. The choices are almost endless and it's worth doing some pre-planing to consider what you may need. If you are worried about home security and keeping your personal possessions safe, consider investing in a home security alarm system. It doesn't need to cost the world, and will provide you with great piece of mind.

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