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Retail Vs Business Category Firewalls - Why Purchase Retail?

By: Carey James

Many tiny businesses and nonprofit organizations, particularly those without consistent IT budgets, realize themselves buying IT hardware from their native office supply store. On the surface this seems to be a great answer as equipment is quickly offered, and it fits neatly at intervals the accessible budget. Unfortunately this convenience comes at a steep price. Most typically this stuff are designed for home use, and are inadequate for the bigger demands of a business. One specific item of concern is your network firewall. An off-the-shelf firewall may be perfectly suited to the demands of a home environment, but have significant shortcomings when challenged with securely protecting a business and its associated network.
As an example, let's consider a generic retail firewall product. Sometimes this category of firewall can handle data throughput at regarding ten Mbps. That sounds great till one learns that an entry-level business-category firewall will handle data at 150 Mbps. That's not saying that it'd be precisely 15 times faster, however it's this knowledge processing & inspection part of the firewall where the retail units merely do not have the horsepower to handle a ton of data. A additional powerful firewall would positively be faster.
Support is another important issue. The retail unit could work fine, but if a drawback will occur, support can be spotty at best - with long hold times to speak to somebody seemingly located overseas, reading canned support techniques from a manual. Open the user manual for a retail unit and you'll notice limited facilitate and then a page directing you to an internet web site for additional information. Which will work fine - until you notice that if the firewall is broken or not-yet-installed you likely can't reach the Internet. Time to go to your friend's house or hack onto your neighbor's wireless hotspot (ok - do not do this!).
Firms manufacturing business-class firewalls provide 24/7 phone support, and for network-down type emergencies you'll quickly notice yourself talking with a well-trained engineer who's prepared and ready to urge your network duplicate and running. If the underlying hardware has failed (don't mention the coffee stains) you'll notice that hardware support varies from next-business day replacements to four-hour on-website replacement.
Firewall makers unharness upgraded firmware for his or her merchandise to confirm that bugs are mounted and newly-discovered security holes are closed. Retail units sometimes get firmware updates once every year or two whereas business merchandise are updated a lot of more frequently. As with most technology, newer is best so this can be once more a clear advantage for a business-category firewall.
Retail units do offer the basic firewall functions, but business firewalls have additional of the features and functionality necessary for defending a business network, including: VPN, more granular NAT/PAT management (Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation), and the flexibility to work with blocks of IP addresses. These options are needed to supply secure remote access, and to support servers handling such critical functions as email and internet sites. Business units generally have some reasonably threat detection intelligence that looks for potential attacks and stops them -retail units do not.
It's quite attainable to "get by" with a retail class firewall, and it could work fine for years without failure. But if Web, email, and/or remote access are a vital half of your business, then you risk putting all of your eggs in one low-cost basket and potential point of failure. We have seen lots of retail units fail or begin acting flakey in brief order, however business-category units generally will last for years while not a hiccup. A business-class firewall provides abundant higher performance, higher security and reliability, a lot of options and functionality, and abundant better support if there ever is a problem.

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