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Guide to Europe in a paperback manual

By: WilmaE Beckman

If you want to know where the action is in places such as Rome, Budapest, Moscow, London and Paris, or you wish to go on a European tour without spending all that much, then you must find an issue of the Europe guide book published by students from Harvard University. What makes this 320 page guide in a soothing blue paperback cover uniquely superb is that it has so much wit and substance which many guides don't contain.

During the summer the dining halls of many universities are kept open to both resident students and foreign students passing through. So much food can be found here, from the most disastrous kinds found in messy and congested cafeterias up to the most palatable concoctions served in the most beautiful and urbane dining areas.

You can enjoy your stay in Europe more and seize your European counterpart by way of using the services of many student inns available across major cities in this country. The truth of the matter is these are college dorm houses which are temporarily turned into summer residences for the many students and sometimes to tourists who require a place to stay.

Many young Americans touring on a strict travel budget have also found the manual to be very useful even as this travel guide was created by students for the use of other students. A man will ask for other things but he will not necessarily demand for a translation of where can I be alone with my wife. One great example would be its page on hitch hiking. It explains that a male and female would be ideal companions in this kind of journey the way it is in life. Since the sight of a young couple beside the road generates some feeling of envy, good will, nostalgia, curiosity, and protectiveness, these couples will be sure to get hitched in their cars.

A dollar a person is the rule for those who go to Russia for camping carrying their bedding and tents. To avoid standing in a long line to get to the shower or toilet, you have to plan it for this is one of the disadvantages that come with people settling inside tents on the available spaces. You can opt to wash at the basins with cold running water but at some periods during the day, 10 or 15 cents get you some nice hot water for a warm shower.

To go on an England pub crawling adventure or a nice wine tasting trip around France doesn't require you to be a student. Art work features can be found here, too! Nor do you need to become a student just to grab hold of nightlife happening data on around 50 regions and cities within 19 countries along with Germany, plus Istanbul and perhaps Israel too. The details and facts in this book are gathered by the students tasked to check on hotels, pensions, dining areas and cafes where a tourist from America can soundly sleep and eat while having some money for a bit of enjoyment.

The goal is to see the interesting ways of touring Europe without breaking the bank. There is also feature on the night scene specifically nightclubs and discotheques which are good means of meeting both male and female Europeans. Each country is covered in a separate chapter broken up into such sections as Getting Around, Accommodations, Restaurants, Nightlife, Sights, Excursions.

It also contains many facts on places in Europe where people can go to work, recreation sites, locations for mountain climbing expeditions, scuba diving, special transportation means and lastly, a list on the tour package rates for the students. People back in 1960 traveling on board Harvard student flights were able to benefit from the first copies which were given out for free to them when it was only a 20 pager pamphlet on mimeograph paper.

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