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By: canadaone

Competition and controversial personal goals targeting. These objectives arise from a more free, but focused on specific problems or issue of choice. For these tasks purposefulness is divided into:

- purposefulness of the struggle of interests. Awareness of differences in personal interests, your group, organization, country from those of other subjects. When we discover these differences, then try to defend their interests either through coordination with the other, either through dominance, subordination of others. The key question: how to win, win?

- purposefulness of the mutual comparison: to be like him, do not keep up with work around the other. In this case, some target samples are already available and there is motivation to achieve, aimed at success in comparison with other people, organizations, states. Of course, mutual comparison - a strong motivator of human behavior, and each of us knows this in itself since childhood. You only need to find the target option and move to it or surpass it. Thus, for many states benchmark for goal-setting have become the country's "golden billion", or some specific ones. Archaic-oriented goal setting, by contrast, tries to reproduce gone when some form of theocracy as an example in the Islamic world.

Value targeting in goal setting is rather vague but helps define the direction of future actions. It is the result of social creativity and comes from the following sources:

purposefulness of vision and value of possible goal achievement. This image of a desirable future for themselves, their organization, city, region, country. That way, not the project or plan, since so manifest ambitions or dreams. The main issues in this goal-setting: what I want to be, which state I want to lead an organization or country when it will attain it, what stage it does take a pass?

purposefulness of the ideals and ideology, as the constrain in which activity to achieve the goal set will be performed. Social values can be divided into the ideals and imposed ideals setting by society and social norms. The first is the value of absolute values by themselves, against whom it is impossible to answer the question "why?" - Health, happiness, justice, love, etc. The latter are the values applied practical purpose: quality, legitimacy, competition, democracy. This type of answers the questions: what in life above all, what makes life worth living, what we should seek?

purposefulness of the mission that will be carried out. Rarely, but it manifests itself on a personal level, organizations, States, preoccupied with his mission of trying to make a significant contribution to the development of the city, region, sector, country, humanity. Missionaries are repelled from the question: what is my, our destiny, we must realize that, and why change around you?

We have distributed these goals from the increase in quality - from the simplest to the highest. All these definitions are purely arbitrary, between them there is no strict faces, they overlap and blend, but form a certain conceptual apparatus which is suitable for application to the practice of public and institutional goal setting.

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