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Back Pain Treatments | Seven Mistakes

By: ada thomas

In working with many thousands of customers over the years, we have found that there are a number of universal mistakes people make in attempting to find respite from back pain. Through this we have discovered the best all natural back pain treatments that do not require surgery.

I would like you to read all about 7 mistakes that I have recognized and mull over which of these mistakes you are making and how they connect to you and the way you have been treating your back pain.

Here are the top seven:

Mistake #1: Continuing to do what will not work

Why would anyone keep going to a health care professional for months and months without seeing any improvement? Beats me. But before coming to us, one of our customers in fact went through 70 treatments with a chiropractor - and got no relief at all.

Our advisory panel proposes that you don't go beyond a three-month time without improvement before considering making a change. It's not the number of treatments as much as it is the want to be seeing steady gains.

At the very least, you should insist on getting a monthly appraisal of your progress. You need to be clear that there is a plan of care, and that a appropriate diagnosis has been made.

Mistake #2: Not dealing with pain the first time

Many people will experience back pain that lasts a few days and then they forget about it when the pain disappears, instead of than making the effort to identify and address the cause of the pain.

Here's an case in point. About 10 years ago, my mother had her first bout of back pain. She had back spasms for a few days, then the pain went away and she went on with her life. Two years later, it came back - much worse than before. It got so bad she could not work. If she had dealt with it in the commencement, I doubt that it would have come back. Even if it had, it wouldn't have been near as bad.

When you have a fall or some other misfortune, it's easy to figure out why your back hurts. But in most cases, your back pain may be generated by any number of things. You want to know what circumstances are developing in your body and more important what is creating those conditions are developing in the first place.

Mistake #3: Thinking you're too fit to have back pain

You may eat right, exercise regularly, and be in good health, but that won't mean you can't experience back pain. Having been a personal trainer for loads of years, I've seen lots of individuals in excellent shape who suddenly discovered themselves with lower back trouble.

The actuality is that people who do exercises often are just as likely - if not more so - to develop back pain. Certain groups of athletes - runners, cyclists, swimmers, dancers, gymnasts, bodybuilders - are prime candidates for back issues.

Cyclists, for example, almost without exclusion have grave muscle imbalances in the lower body - principally their quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and glutes. This is for the reason that the steady repetitive motion of peddling a bicycle overworks one set of muscles at the same time as underworking other muscles.

The same thing can happen to non-athletes. Still if you don't do any of the above-mentioned practices, your workout program can cause muscle imbalances if you're concentrating too heavily on particular areas of your body and neglecting others. Fit or not you will be in trouble.

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