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4 Tips To Digging Up Good Freelance Writing Opportunities

By: Mel Drestin

Good freelance writing opportunites can definitely be found on the internet, including lucrative ones, but why does it often seem like all that are "out there" are ads in search of articles for only a few bucks a piece? If you do not wish to be a "penniless writer", you'll want to figure out how to locate the good freelance writing opportunities - and here's how!

1. Do a quick search or background check for the employer or client posting the ad. Find out how long the website has been in existence, what kind of contact information they provide, and what kind of reputation they have with other freelance writers. Legitimate and honest job ad posters are always very open about giving this information.

2. Read all of the details of each offer before bidding! Seek out freelance writing opportunities where the client lists that he/she would be able to be contacted directly by phone when the job is won - often job offers are fairly vague, and a direct discussion with the one hiring you regarding what will be required is very helpful.

3.Think outside the box. Try to find freelance writing opportunities other than articles, novels and non-fiction. There is a big demand for scientific writing, editing, prose & poetry, and more... without as much supply! If there is a huge demand for something, but the supply is lower, you can get a better pay rate for your work!

4. Jump on job ads on subjects that hold a strong appeal for you.. If you can earn money writing about a topic that you love, or about something about which you are well-versed, you have found a great freelance writing opportunity. You'll enjoy it, think it easy to write, as well as be able to complete it quickly!

If you follow these tips closely, you will get much closer to your goal of being a freelance writer! A freelance writing career could be both enjoyable and financially rewarding, if you know the secrets of how to locate those high paying writing jobs!

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