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3 Tips For A Beginner Writer Who Wants To Make More Money

By: Mark Drest

Beginning a freelance writing career takes patience and hard work. Many people also wrongly believe that beginner freelancers have to embrace the "penniless writer mentality" while they get their foot in the door, so to speak. If you want to be a successful freelance writer, making a good income from your writing, here are three important tips for beginner writers that will really help you out.

First, write as well as you can. Perhaps that is a no-brainer to some, but it needs to be stated. Proper grammar usage is VERY important, and edit your work very carefully before submitting it. Poorly written work does not sell. If you aren't sure of the difference between "there" and "their", or where to put your apostrophes, then LEARN.

Second, consider the structure of your writing. Each article should have an introduction, substance, and a conclusion. Your job as a writer is to guide your readers through your content smoothly and effortlessly. Introduce your topic with a gripping intro, tell them what they need to know about your topic, and then conclude your piece with style. Don't leave your readers hanging, but give them a desire to know more about your topic.

Third, shoot for the moon. You have probably noticed that most of the online writing job boards seem to have only low paying job offers. You may be thinking that writing for less than you are worth is the way all freelance writers start off, or a way you can build up your writing skills base. There is nothing wrong with that, but way too often writers get stuck in a low paying rut. They find that the only thing they can do is keep writing madly to "make money". But, they don't realize that they could be using their writing time far more lucratively.

These three points will help beginner freelance writers like you, but if you don't follow them, you will find yourself very quickly disillusioned with your writing career. Your viewership will be suffer, you will receive more rejections than you would like to have from publishing companies, and you will not be earning the kind of money you would wish. But if you remember these tips, you will make your dreams of becoming a successful writer come true!

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