Hello and welcome to TheOnlineHealthGuide.com. This site is dedicated to helping you live a happier and healthier life. You will find articles and guides on many health issues and practical guides to maintaining your health. There will be a focus on comparing online health tools that enable you to record and monitor your health over time along with blood markers and genetic profiling.

Health Guide Online

Some of theseĀ online tools focus on conventional medicine enabling patients to access medical records anywhere anytime. Others focus on blood markers and anticipating problems that certain stats might indicate. The growth of these organisations coupled with internet availability are enabling people to tailor and highly personlized their healthcare.

The Online Health Guide aims to be holistic in its topics. We will be endeavouring to take a balanced view on so called ‘alternative medicines’ and crucial role diet plays in well being. Along with health and fitness advice on topics like how to integrate routines into your day to day life such as commuting by bike to work.